Toy Story 3 – Pixar = ???

by Jimmy Akin

in Film and TV

Now that Disney drove off Pixar with their heavy-handed negotiating tactics, they have decided to exercise their right to make additional sequels in the Toy Story series. Pixar will not be involved.


My money is that it won’t live up to its two precedessors. Steve Greydanus and I have discussed the intrinsic difficulties in making a third film that would live up to the first two, and it’s not clear that the characters have within them another story as powerful as the two they’ve already given us (though I have an idea for one that might come close). Without Pixar in the picture, I don’t have confidence in Disney’s ability to come remotely close.

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Tom R November 17, 2004 at 6:10 pm

Hmmmm… Buzz Lightyear learns to Believe In Himself?
Villain has sneering, somewhat camp, upper-crust English accent and a bumbling animal sidekick?
Sheriff Woody’s wife and children slaughtered by said villain, so he seeks bloodied rev- … No, wait, that’s Mel.
See, I have The Sight.

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