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Just a quick post to show this hailstone my son (the amateur meteorologist) found in our yard Sunday night. It was one of several that he grabbed and put into the freezer. They were the size of plums and made quite a racket when they began to hit the roof. I’ll be checking the whole exterior of the house for damage later today, as well as the cars. I’m hopeful that my old SUV is damaged enough for a new paint job (heh-heh. I’ve found that the key to never being fearful about having your car stolen is to never own one worth stealing. I never lock the thing.).

This particular hailstone happened to split when it impacted, revealing the layers that it built up while falling from 30,000+ feet.

We were lucky. The Doppler radar showed the storm (with several tornados) tracking directly toward our neighborhood. We went down into the basement, lit candles when the power failed, and sat there, listening. Nothing much except for the pummeling from the hail. It passed pretty quickly.

A little later (just before midnight) I headed into town for my weekly hour of adoration. Everything was normal until I nearly hit a tree that had fallen into the road. Then I saw where a number of people had gathered at a local church that had been struck by the twister. It was still standing, but obviously damaged (no one was injured).

A good deal of destruction in our area. I will try to send a few more pics later, if I can get them without being obnoxious or a road hazard.

All together, an interesting night. A little too interesting for our daughter. She was not amused at all, at all.

Today’s forecast; bright and sunny.

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Ed Peters March 14, 2006 at 5:16 am

We have a junior weatherman at home too. (I wonder where he got his interest from?) Congrats on GREAT hailstone. The winds needed to keep ice of that size suspended long enough to grow approach 200 mph. And you’ve got evidence that that happened right over your yard.

Tim J. March 14, 2006 at 5:27 am

I dashed that post off so fast that I forgot to say how grateful we are to God that our neighborhood was spared a direct hit.
Please pray for those who were not as fortunate. There is so much work to do.

Julia March 14, 2006 at 7:51 am

Up here in the Great White North a spectacular winter storm stalled over the Twin Cities in MN. We got a foot of snow and 136 city buses got stuck, please pray for the poor souls in the over 400 cars that went off the roads yesterday state wide. It was a grand adventure yesterday. Biggest storm all year.
Today’s weather: Sunny and cold. High 30.

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